Our services.

Corvos Labs employs a unique, proprietary innovation process to deliver tangible results. Find here a selection of our services by stage.

Additionally, Corvos offers innovation and user experience workshops. Email us at hello@corvoslabs.com for more information.

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Wow, we love Workshops.

If you...
  • Need a little life breathed into your organization
  • Feel like you've lost that lovin' feeling
  • Or just want to stay ahead of the curve
An Innovation Thinking Bootcamp led by experts (fun ones) might be exactly what you need.

Instill a culture of experimentation by training your employees with the techniques of the future to become top-notch innovators.

We offer innovation workshops and design sprints ranging from on-site short engagements to multi-day bootcamps depending on your company's needs. Please contact us for pricing and more info at hello@corvoslabs.com.




Collect information. Take a complicated landscape and boil it down in order to truly understand what you're working with, who you're working with and their needs.

Services offered:

  • Complex systems mapping

  • Market research

  • Internal bug assessment

  • Vision communication

  • Force field mapping


Look to tomorrow to inform today; read into trends and analyze where your industry is headed in order to be on the razor's edge of it.

Services offered:

  • Industry-specific futurecasting

  • Whitespace identification

  • Reinventing "X" events


Test your outcomes, circle back, shape and refine your product or service until it's industry-leading.

Services offered:

  • User Co.Design

  • Product Refinement

  • UX assessment


Generate ideas, envision new ways of doing things, venture into the gray space. Using your problem parameters, look for solutions.

Services offered:

  • Design sprint

  • Hackathon

  • Brainstorming session

  • Identity remodel

  • Technology application evaluation

  • Purpose architecture


Prototype your new product, service, or concept. Design and engineer to fit your sensemade insights within your invented strategy.

Services offered:

  • Building "X" workshops

  • Sketching for communication

  • Hero's Journey workshop

  • Creation + Blue Sky prototyping

  • Art installations

  • Prototyping


Take your product or service to the next level by delivering it to a wide audience.

Services offered:

  • Networking events

  • Company events

  • Guest content creation

  • Innovation lunchbox